Monday, 13 October 2014

CAYLA DOLL- A little mommy

The world’s best creation of God is mother; the best mom can be a best friend of her daughter she loves to keep her away from everything which is not good for her. She protects her, loves her and guides her. CAYLA DOLL is the world’s number 1 living doll we can call her a little mommy, CAYLA is seven years old doll she is designed to make friends, spread the knowledge which she have and can search online through Google. She is a positive and well mannered doll she teaches and helps her friends in completing their homework.
My friend CAYLA shakes her head every time when someone tries to feed her. A magic spoon and persistence normally wins her round in a scenario which is designed to encourage children to eat properly without making hurdles for parents. CAYLA can answer questions about math’s, general knowledge and the weather even can tell you the detailed history of ancient world and can give you the knowledge of upcoming current situations and issues . The doll can speak over 100 words and 80 phrases and is operated by 3 AA batteries and has a "personality", with a database containing details of her family, pets, her favourite food (pizza), pop star (Katy Perry). The doll is chatty, friendy, trendy and amazing with lovely looks and fantastic features she can talk and play online and offline in both modes so that there is no any dependency of light or battery.

CAYLA is available on app store and on Google play, waiting for what? Bring her home make her your best friend she will guide you help you and will be a best a real friend of yours it is a helpful and an educational toy you would be delighted to find her.